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Our 3 P Solution

1 People are Everything

Our primary requirement for
people we work with is that
they are aligned with and
embody our purpose.

2 People on Purpose Create Solutions

Our work is our solution!
We believe we are on purpose
when we work in a field we love
that is beneficial to all life.

3 Our Products are Solutions

Our products must simply be
the best in the world and
becomes part of a solution or
we simply don't want to make

Get to know us


We are activists at heart, driven to eliminate wasteful practices and polluting products
by replacing them with the purest alternatives possible.

From our Eco-preneur, growers of our ingredients, the formulators, IT, manufacturing, distribution, marketing through to our customers (thank you) that make this all possible


We face a choice: a "preferred future" or "business as usual"?
It was Wendell Berry who said "The world is being destroyed by popular demand" and it equally can be stated that we are changing our climate due to popular demand through our behaviours and choices daily.
A preferred future to us means replacing the “take, make & dispose” functions of society with regenerative systems that nurture life.


Regeneration for Generations is our purpose, vision, mission and work.

We produce and distribute organic products and are evolving into biomimiced (mimic nature) farms and products.

Our focus is on becoming Glocal. That is, our products are sold throughout the world and we are now pursuing them being made and distributed locally globally, hence becoming “glocal”.


While they are usually called "brands", we prefer to use the term "signatures",
as each product reflects our intentions and ways of thinking.

We invite you to compare our ingredients, methods of production and
packaging with any brand in the world and with all sincerity, we would
be surprised if there was anything authentically comparable.

Fyto means plants.
Vitamins and minerals made solely from pure and potent certified organic superfoods.

Laundry liquid for the next generation. Does your laundry liquid grow on trees?
Our does!

In 2001, Miessence become the world's first certified Organic Skin Care range. Other's told us it wasn't possible. We thought why not?